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The Moon Pie (MoonPie) brand was born in 1917. It all began when Mr. Earl Mitchell, Sr., a bakery salesman, visited a company store that catered to coal miners. The miners said they wanted something solid and filling, because they often didn’t get time to break for lunch. “About how big?” Mr. Mitchell asked. A miner held out his hands, framing the moon, and said, “About that big!” When Mr. Mitchel returned to the bakery, he noticed some of the workers dipping graham cookies into marshmallow and laying them on the window sill to harden. The idea of adding another cookie and a generous coating of chocolate was tried, and a legendary bakery snack was born.

During the 1930’s, the MoonPie found its place in Southern folklore as part of the “working man’s lunch”. Coal miners and laborers of all kinds could enjoy the biggest snack on the rack, a Moon Pie, and a 10 oz. RC Cola, each for a nickel. The duo eventually inspired the country music hit “Give me a RC and a Moon Pie” in the 1950’s. Whether as a snack on race day at NASCAR, thrown from a Mardi Gras float, or enjoyed at your own kitchen table, this is one American Classic that won’t disappoint.