What is it about nostalgic retro candy from the past that is so enticing? Is it the forbidden fruit syndrome, having limited access to something so powerful in our youth that we crave just a taste as adults? Perhaps the visual connection when we see the familiar old time candy wrappers, our brain immediately conjuring up Polaroid pictures of where we were, who we were with, what the weather was like. Or maybe the scent of old fashioned candy triggers special memories – Violet Mints in grandma’s drawers, Sen-Sen in grandpa’s coat pocket.

It’s not like we see a No. 2 pencil and are immediately transported back to second grade. Only the taste, scent and packaging of retro childhood candies can snap us back to a time and place so ingrained in our memory we didn’t even know it was there.

Hometown Favorites reconnects with your fondest memories of old time candies, bringing them to your doorstep all over again. Grandparents can talk for hours, sharing adolescent tales they haven’t resurrected in years. Mom and Dad will recall a first movie date, sharing their favorite retro candy in a dark theatre. And kids will howl at the thought of parents being just their age and actually thinking their retro candy favorites were the bomb!