Online grocery shopping at Hometown Favorites is a whole new ballgame. We’ve taken all of your regional food favorites, no matter which part of the country you hail from, and created the web’s best source for buying hard to find groceries. Our selection of regional food favorites starts and ends with you – you tell us which favorites you’re having a hard time finding and we’ll be sure to have them on hand the next time you visit.

Regional food favorites can be particularly difficult to track down once you move out of your home state. Comfort foods, foods that remind you of childhood, foods your Mom used to make, may become hard to find when we relocate as adults. Many of our regional food favorites are not available at other online grocery shopping locations, due to limited availability or difficulty in obtaining from the manufacturer. Hometown Favorites buys these hard to find groceries directly from the manufacturer, often providing regional food favorites for their out of state customers for the first time.

If we haven’t stocked your hard to find grocery favorite yet, speak up! Yours may be the first request, but more than likely there are scores of compatriots just waiting to see that regional food favorite online.