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A snack is not a meal – let’s just get that there! Healthy eating today involves the judicious use of snack foods as an occasional treat, in conjunction with nutritious meals and pretty substantial exercise. So for those special times when only a favorite snack will do, don’t you want your snack foods to be worth the wait?

Snack foods can be a part of life’s pretty memorable moments – a winning team on a Saturday afternoon, a summertime family barbecue or just a bottle of wine with friends. Our collection of favorite snack foods represent those snack foods that you may have grown up with, may have enjoyed when you lived in a certain area, or even something special you savor just for yourself.

Some of our favorite snack foods are perfect for Family Movie night – Orville Redenbacher Popcorn or Poppycock popcorn and nut clusters. Other snack foods help you end the day on a cool note – Icee Slush Bars or Frozen Otter Pops. Stock up on your favorite snacks for those special times when only an old favorite will do.